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Tai Chi classes 

Yoga and Qigong classes 

Chinese Martial Arts and self defence classes 

Kids Martial Arts classes 

One to One Therapies (From £40 per hour) 

Guided Meditation / Life Coaching 

Reiki & Massage Therapy

Postural alignment and Chinese physiotherapy 

Improve your balance and Prevent trips and falls (From £40) 

Over 30 years experience in Asian Arts 

3rd Dan Japanese Martial Artist

Qualified Teacher (Cert-Ed) 

Reiki Therapist Level 2

More than 20 regular classes per week 

DBS (Criminal record) checked

Insured and Registered with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain


Learn from Home 

Order a Beginners Tai Chi course on DVD with an easy to follow 10 week course ...£15 (plus p&p)

Buy my book on amazon 'Tai Chi for Health in 10 Easy Lessons' By Matthew Ward (£15) 


 Other Merchandise 

Inner Harmony T-shirts and Hooded Tops

T Shirts £15 ...Hoodies £25

(Sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL) 


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